Monday, October 24, 2016

Birthday Dreamz

Birthday Dreamz
By:"Susan Marvin"
Published on 2011-04 by AuthorHouse

Birthday Dreamz was a story that just about wrote itself. The images were actual photos taken of her granddaughter's second birthday party, combined with other images taken through out the year. Birthday Dreamz is about two little girls getting ready for a birthday party, when suddenly a bird appears and tells them of a fairy princess in need of their help. The girls go on an adventure that takes them to the land of the fairy princess. They encounter friends along the way who lead them through the Whispering Forrest, to the Sparkling Pond, and finally to the Dancing Garden. There they learn where the Fairy Princess is and how they can help her. The part of Pops the duck is dedicated to Jada's great grandpa Mike Kelly who passed away in 2009.

This Book was ranked 23 by Google Books for keyword birthday.


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