Friday, September 4, 2015

Pokémon X & Y - Strategy Guide

Pokémon X & Y - Strategy Guide
Published on 2015-10-22 by Gamer Guides

Become the ultimate Pokémon champion with our greatest Pokémon strategy guide yet. Inside we cover: Latest Version 1.3: - Additional details on the elusive event Pokemon distributions. - Revised tables with encounter rates for finding wild Pokemon. Version 1.2: - Expanded the Introduction and Gameplay section with loads of new information. - Videos for all the Gym Leader and Elite Four battles, plus legendary and shiny Pokemon. - Dozens of additional tips and reminders throughout the main walkthrough. - How to solve crime with the Looker Bureau in the post-game. Version 1.1: - Full breakdown on how to breed the perfect Pokémon of your dreams! - How to catch those insanely rare Shiny Pokémon! - List of all the really helpful (and free) O-Powers. Version 1.0: - Everything that's new to Pokémon X & Y. - 5 amazing tips to get your Pokémon collecting off to a blistering start. - Every single route, trainer battle and hidden shortcuts are covered. - What Pokémon can be found on what routes (both versions). - How to beat every single gym leader without breaking a sweat. - Where to find all those hidden items. - The locations of every single legendary Pokémon! - Where to find all of the amazing Mega Stones. - Pokémon-Amie, Super Training, Battle Chateau etc all covered! - Accompanied by over 240 super high-quality screenshots!

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